Our Products

The tremendous and phenomenal growth of Biopharma, without doubt, has been due to our core values and consistent excellent products, Over the years we have trademarked and registered a number of products with the relevant agencies,  we have focused majorly on the ORAL dosage forms, that is tablets and liquids.

NumberProductsDescriptionNAFDAC NumberStatus
1Biocee tab(white)Vitamin C 100mg tablet, X100, X1000A4-3290Active
2Biocee tab(chewable)Vitamin C 100mg tablet, X100, X1000A4-2073Active
3Biocee syrupVitamin C 100mg/5ml syrup, 100ml amber bottle.A11-0177Active
4Tinto blood tonicIron & vitamins, 200ml amber bottle, 1000ml bottle.A11-0174Active
5Bioplex tabVitamin B-complex tablet, X100, X1000A11-0367Active
6Bioplex syrupVitamin B-complex syrup, 100ml amber bottle.A11-0175Active
7Bloomvite tabMultivitamin coated tablet, X100, X1000A11-0314Active
8Bloomvite syrupMultivitamin syrup, 100ml amber bottleA11-0268Active
9Yeast tabYeast 300mg tablet, X100, X1000A4-8003Active
10Aspirin tabAcetylsalicylic acid 300mg tablet, X1000A4-2081Active
11Ivamol tabParacetamol caplets X1000, tablet X10B4-0955Paused
12Ivamol syrupParacetamol 125mg/5ml syrup, 60ml bottleA4-2062Paused
13Bicopan cap(chewable)Albendazole 400mg caplet, blister.Registration on-going
14Biolin Adult cough syrupDiphenyhydramine HCL, 100ml amber pet.Registration on-going.
15Biolin children cough syrupDiphenyhydramin HCL, 100ml amber pet.Registration on-going.
16Edge suspensionAntacid suspension, 300ml flat amber bottle.Registration on-going
17Bioprofen suspensionIbuprofen 200mg suspension, 100ml amber bottle.Registration on-going.
18Biofenac 50mg tab (blue)Diclofenac 50mg tablet, blisterRegistration on-going.
19Biofenac 50mg tab (red)Diclofenac 50mg tablet, blisterRegistration on-going.
20Biofenac 100mg tabDiclofenac 100mg tablet, blisterRegistration on-going.
21Biopharma Folic acid tabFolic acid 5mg tablet, blisterRegistration on-going.
22Biopharma Ciprofloxacin tabCiprofloxacin 500mg tablet, blisterRegistration on-going.
23Propon tabAcetylsalicylic acid 300mg, blister04-104Renewal on-going